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You're unique.
Your loan should be too.

When borrowing money, there's no "one size fits all" product or lender, as every customer is different.
A poorly matched loan can be a costly mistake!
We recognise that finding a new loan is daunting. Using a mortgage broker allows you to compare hundreds of products to match the best product and the best lender to your individual circumstances, giving you the power of leverage.

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Why Leverage Capital?

You've got goals - lets help you achieve them

Low Rate

Not all lenders are specialists at everything.
Not all loans are created equal.
We compare 100's of products over multiple lenders to find the best products for your circumstance.


In this complex world, simplicity, timeliness and brevity are critical success factors in business. We use technology to collaborate, connect and complete in a transparent and predictable way. We will tell you what we can do, and what we can’t. You will always know where you stand.

Financial Advantage

Well structured debt facilities can result in increased profitability, decreased risk and improved management efficiency. Our role is to help you and the lender take a wholistic view of your business to effectively leverage debt to create financial advantage.

Fit for Purpose

Not all lenders are specialists at everything.
Not all loans are created equal.
We compare 100's of products over multiple lenders to find the best products for your circumstance.

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Getting you the best outcome

Interest rate vs. APR. Whats the difference?

When advertising a loan, lenders will often quote a rate (the advertised rate) but the actual cost to you can be different. The APR (annual percentage rate) is the effective rate being charged to you after all fees and costs have been taken into account in the loan. Occasionally the APR can be lower than the advertised rate, yet most of the time it will be higher. In some instances it can be as much as nearly double the advertised rate so it’s important to know what you’re committing to and what you will end up paying over the life of the loan.

The power of a good credit score (and a bad one!)

As a borrower, all of your interactions with credit providers are recorded. Every time you apply for a new credit facility, repay your loan on time or miss a payment, or open or close a facility this is recorded on your credit file. There are multiple credit reporting agencies that record this data and use this information to create a unique file on you as a borrower to understand how reliable you are at repaying debt. From this, the credit reporting agencies will derive your credit score which lenders will use to understand the potential risk in lending you money.

As the data being held on every borrower becomes more sophisticated, this allows lenders to better understand if and how much they wish to lend to you. Some lenders will give borrowers better interest rates for higher credit scores. This means something as minor as missing a repayment on a loan could equate to higher costs of borrowing in the future!

What is "rate creep" and how can I protect against this?

Many lenders attract new customers with low interest rates and then slowly transition new customers to higher rates over time to increase the margin they make on your loan. They do this by slowly adjusting your interest rate in the background. Banks report a difference between new customers and existing customers on average of .46% - equating to potentially thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

We recommend speaking to a broker at least every 2 years to make sure your loan is still competitive in the market. Brokers have tools to reduce your loan interest rate or find you a better loan.

‘Efficient’ debt verses ‘inefficient’ debt

Have you ever heard the adage; there's good debt and bad debt? Debt structured incorrectly or ineffectively is inefficient and therefore costing you more money than it should. Leverage Capital are experts in sophisticated security and facility structures and solutions.

When looking for a commercial or residential loan - why use a mortgage broker?

Did you know that in the most recent quarter, over 70% of residential loans were originated by a broker in Australia. This means over 2/3 of people are trusting a mortgage broker rather than going direct to a lender. This is because mortgage brokers compare 100's of products and lenders in the market, do all the running around for you and have access to industry contacts and connections. This means you will secure a loan quicker, at a lower rate and is more appropriate to your needs and objectives.

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Why we’re different

Leverage Capital specialises in complex clients requiring bespoke solutions to unique situations.
We leverage specialist lending policies and relationships to create better outcomes for our customers.
By enabling smarter facility and security structures, we create efficiencies for our clients, which translates to lower costs and easier access to capital.