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Special offer: $3,000 cashback for successful refinance customers*

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Leverage Capital

We’re a finance agency that assists our clients in restructuring debt. We specialise in saving home loan customers thousands of dollars every year.
A mortgage is like a car, it needs to be well maintained to work properly. If left unmaintained it will cost you money. Most Australian borrowers are lazy with their loan and are blissfully unaware that their interest costs are far in excess of where they should be. We can help save you thousands every year.

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Our aim

  • We lower your interest rate
  • We improve your cashflow

Experts in our

  • Trained professionals with significant experience in advanced lending

We specialise in sophisticated clients

  • Self-employed clients
  • Transactions involving complex structures
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Save Money

Save up to $9,500 per year

Save Time

We do the work so you don’t have to

Minimal Fees

We create value for you at nearly
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Melbourne, Australia

My mortgage is the biggest expense every month, I had no idea how much money i was needlessly throwing away. After refinancing my home i was able to save enough money to buy another investment property.


Melbourne, Australia

When I first took out a loan to buy my home the process was a nightmare. I was hesitant to refinance my home because i thought the process would be the same. I found the refinancing process so much easier and I'm saving a huge chunk off my repayments every month.


Melbourne, Australia

Leverage Capital helped me compare 100's of products from different lenders in the market. I have never used a broker before, yet I'm glad I did as now I know I've got a much better deal than I would've if i approached a lender directly. Thanks so much for your help.

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We can help with the following:

Consolidate debt

Reduce repayments on your existing debt

Raise additional cash

Access equity in your property for projects such as renovations, new property and business purchases

Restructure your debt

Rebuild your debt strategy to save you time, money and preserve your cashflow
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How long does it take?

Depending on the transaction, we can start saving you money within 2 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Our home loan health check is completely free. If after our health check we believe we can save you money we charge a one time engagement fee cost of $299. Beyond this, there are no more out of pocket expenses to you and we will save the majority of our customers up to $9,500 every year.

How do you keep your service so cheap?

Instead of charging you a fee for our service, the lender will pay us a commission to source your loan. This keeps the service cheap for our customers.

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We will help you to understand every step of the process


We work with multiple lenders to make
sure you're getting a great deal


We do the running around so you
don’t have to.

Special offer: $3,000 cashback for successful refinance customers*

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*Eligibility criteria applies

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